Which Type of News Broadcast you Choose? TV or Radio? February 23, 2016

News broadcasting is the broadcasting medium of different news occasions and other data by means of TV, radio or web in the field of telecast reporting. The substance to be read as news is generally either delivered locally in a radio studio or television studio newsroom, or by a telecast system. It includes sports coverage, […]

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Wanna know the role of audio engineer in sound creation? February 10, 2016

An audio engineer or sound specialist works very hard for recording, mixing, manipulating, sound reinforcement and reproduction. Sound engineers deal with the “…technical part of recording—the right placement of microphones, setting the levels and the turning knobs of pre-amp. Sound engineers finish the physical part of recording. The audio engineers that work sincerely must have […]

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Have a look on this to get updated when TV broadcasting is getting ready for spectrum repacking February 3, 2016

Are you aware of spectrum repacking and incentive auction? Let me describe those terms first for the new entries. Spectrum repacking is nothing but, a more room that is being given by the broadcast spectrum to wireless broadband or different point microwave services and the spectrum repacking is done through incentive auction. The major transition […]

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