Setting up own studio? Get the ultimate list of equipments November 10, 2016

If you wish to have an own home studio and meanwhile you coincidentally gone over with the ad “Studio equipments available to be purchased” what all types of equipments you must get from them as compulsory? In the event that you don’t know, this review will help you in managing your inquiry. As an unavoidable […]

Category:  Supplies FM transmitterSupply FM Transmitters in Malawi
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USTC, best internet service provider in Malawi supports you for an awesome live streaming March 21, 2016

Numerous videographers and organizations are presently conveying Live Streaming of occasions, games, weddings, plays, graduation services, training courses and news reporting. With free or extremely reasonable CDNs like UStream, Wowza, YouTube Live, Twitch LiveStream, or any RTMP server you can without much of a stretch convey your live substance to any number of individuals, everywhere […]

Category:  Broadcasting equipment in MalawiISP service provider in Malawi
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Supply of Broadcasting Equipments September 11, 2015

Over the years, USTC has emerged as the largest Distributor of Broadcasting Equipments in Malawi. It has been the distributor for Harris Broadcast, a part of the Gores Group. USTC has supplied and coordinated installation of Harris Broadcast equipments for the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation. The equipments that were supplied included AM and FM transmitters, studio […]

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