It’s your choice….Turnkey or non-turnkey Solution?

Do you know what exactly Turnkey Solution is?  It has already made a positive impact on businesses. It’s been overused, say some purists. Since it has an influence on todays business it would have definitely gained something important and desirable. Isn’t it?

Are you getting intrigued about the Turnkey solution, what does it mean? You have found the right place. As we are one of the best organizations who Exports Computer Equipment, we can tell you a detailed answer for your question about Turnkey solution. In simpler words, Turnkey means ready-to-go, i.e. if we are dealing with a product, it’s a complete package deal. So now you will be thinking about the cost you have to avail for this solution. It seems to be expensive initially, you will be convinced of the advantages of such solutions that boost up your business in future.

We have some genuine reasons to convince you….

  • The Process of ordering Gets Simplified

Turn-key solutions are such solutions which involve a single part member. Unlike non-turnkey solutions which uses multiple vendors working together to find a positive conclusion, turnkey solutions need only a single member who can tackle a difficult situation which simplifies the ordering process as it will be a customized usage of the product. Thus, it reduces the time and also the effort of multiple vendors to handle a situation and possible errors in the order processing.

Turnkey Solution
Turnkey Solution
  • Money and Time saver

Imagine you had given a choice for selecting the type of purchase with the company who Exports Computer equipments with fully assembled product and parts of products that is to be assembled after delivery. Which one would you choose? Definitely a wise man will choose the first option that is fully assembled.  This is one of the biggest advantages with the purchase of turnkey solution. If you are purchasing a product that is not ready-to-use, you will have to spend time and money to assemble those. Thus, in simpler words, we can say that the Turnkey Solution is the money saver and a time saving solution. The only remaining stage after the turnkey solution purchase is physical integration, which can be done by one of the employees in the organization which in turn reduces labor expenses too.

  • Focus on your work and not the assembling

The Turnkey solution for purchasing a computer from a company that exports computer equipments will help you to focus only on the job done by the equipment immediately after delivery rather than wasting time on assembling the equipment before usage.

  • A consistent solution

A consistent solution can be achieved if you avail services from USTC for a Turnkey  Solution as we train our team to use controlled build sheets and quality assurance on each system if a bulk quality of computers are being ordered and it approves the consistency throughout.

  • Turnkey Supports in Unit Failure

How turnkey solution can help in unit failure? Yes, just imagine you have purchased a turnkey product with all assembled solution and you encounter a problem with those units. You don’t have to panic as you will only have to contact the firm that provided you the turnkey product. But if you have purchased a non-turnkey solution, if any, error encounters you will not know whom to contact. If an emergency comes, we can easily diagnose to determine the correct way.

After all, at the end of the day, client excellence matters, isn’t it? We want our clients to get satisfied with our services. Do you want to avail such fantastic service from us? Come and grab it…

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