Looking for Broadcasting Equipments? Its time approach USTC

On the subject of our utilized Broadcast Equipment are, our far reaching stock catalog highlights everything from expert cameras and camcorders to focal points, VTRs, screens, audio equipment, grip gear and many more, so in the event that you are searching for utilized broadcasting equipments available to be purchased, we’re here for you. USTC is one of the best suppliers of broadcasting equipments for many years and even the best exporter of electronic products. Thus USTC is a complete electronic products solution for the customers.

With a full scope of providers of new film gear and utilized film hardware, including Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Marshall Electronics, and Chrosziel, and our proceeding with focused estimating, USTC is close by for all you’re broadcasting needs especially for radio broadcasting equipment in Malawi.

Why choosing USTC for broadcasting needs?

We offer considerably more than simply incredible costs, yet we don’t need cost to be a reason you shop somewhere else.

In the event that you discover one of our competitors has a similar item at a less expensive value, we’ll coordinate it also.

You should simply make a note of the item number, its cost and the contender you need us to match. We will check and match the cost there and after that for your broadcasting equipments.


Get in touch with us if you are searching for new ways to get a camera or camcorders, lenses, or controllers. Searching for utilized radio broadcasting equipment in Malawi to enlist? Whatever your needs, we are here to help with any way we can. Radio can be considered as the third most used and powerful medium in US. Thus radio broadcasting equipment also plays a major role in the whole country with the omnipresence of ads on radio, public places and cars, advertising for the growth of business etc. Feel free to get our radio broadcasting equipment at reasonable cost for all your business advertising needs or for your leisure times.

Our utilized equipment is as a part of incredible working request, a perfect state and is completely tried by our in-house engineers, before being sold to you.

Smaller media broadcast administrations are committed to clearly work inside a more tightly spending plan, preventing them from getting the most up to date video communicate gear available. At the point when these conditions introduce themselves, broadcast facilities and operators come to hardware master where we are to give them the apparatus they require alongside the trusted connections we as of now have and nuture through our business group here at USTC.

USTC is an established organization based at US, who has numerous years of inclusion offering into the Broadcast and Corporate Market Place. Every employee has founded an incredible reputation inside the business for quality and administration.

With a regularly developing international customer base including educational institutions, freelancers, autonomous production organizations, significant enterprises and broadcasters, USTC can source and supplies utilized and new communicate gear from manufactures.

It is our goal to offer an entire administration, at reasonable costs or more all to offer you a charming and pleasurable experience when dealing with us when securing your awesome new equipment.

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