Supply of Broadcasting Equipments

Over the years, USTC has emerged as the largest Distributor of Broadcasting Equipments in Malawi. It has been the distributor for Harris Broadcast, a part of the Gores Group. USTC has supplied and coordinated installation of Harris Broadcast equipments for the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation. The equipments that were supplied included AM and FM transmitters, studio equipments, etc.
In 2014, when Harris Broadcast split into two companies – Imagine Communications Corp. and GatesAir, USTC continued as a distributor for GatesAir. Now, USTC is one of the foremost suppliers of the entire product range of GatesAir. It supplies Network Audio Management-Routing, Networked Digital Audio Consoles, Studio Furniture, UHF Transmitters, VHF Transmitters, FM transmitters, AM transmitters, DAB transmitters, TV and radio accessories, etc. to various Government Broadcasting organizations in Africa.

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